Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Sepang 2010.
Sepang PIC spam! :D

13th March 2010.
I'm too lazy to tell the whole story. hahaha.
Maybe I'll come back to edit this post when I feel like it.
For now, I'll just let the pics do the talking. XD


Passion-fruit! :D

The guardian of the Dragonfruit farm XD

Passionfruit AGAIN! :D

A single lady on "Lovers' Bridge"
(Yes, that's seriously the name of that bridge)

I became these two love-birds' photographer. XD
Not that I'm complaining.
You better say this pic was taken awesomely
cause it was taken by yours truly! :D

L.O.V.E ; the Sky ain't the limit.
hahahhahaha. XD



The sand was really soft!


SkyDragon ftw yo!! *hearts*

Dedicated to my co-infiknights aka GDCL lovers,

Jay Park, I miss you like crazy~! >__<

Pretty huh? ^^
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Thursday, March 11, 2010
Moodiness & CL Fangirlism ain't a good mix.
Moody. Frustrated. Tired and I have a mountain of assignments to do.

Playtime's over and now it's time to work work work work which is hella sucky sucky sucky.
SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I seriously want my break!!!!! and hell, Kelly just flew to Japan today for a freaking holiday today. UGH. Lucky biatch D:
(She better get something for me~~ *sobs*)

On the side note, 2ne1 released a new MV today.

I'm usually excited and should be spazzing over how cool CL looked in the video(she's forever my girlcrushidol) but sadly, I'M NOT!?! Blame my moodiness today. SIGHHH.

Nevertheless, I love the MV and I seriously think CL can pull off to be the Asian version of Lady GaGa. That girl can pull off any outlandish outfit you throw onto her~

Need I mention that I love her 'Prrraaahhh!' so god-damn-much..? CL, you definitely learned well from your GD XDD And props to you for pulling off the exact same outfit as he did. coughiknowyoubothevensharethoseshoesyou'rewearingcough.

I'm signing off now. NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK. UGH.
Till next month. (lol.)
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Friday, February 26, 2010

my Queen CL!

The one and only baddest female whom I will love till I die!~
I pray that the gift reaches you safe & sound.

Dear CL,
You have influenced my life in ways even I can’t imagine.
You have inspired me in every way possible
and I sincerely thank you for that.

I LOVE YOU, Lee Chaerin!
Stay YOU and never mind the negativity thrown towards you or 2NE1.
Smile always, my Charismatic Leader!
For your smile always brightens my day. =)


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Friday, January 29, 2010
W.T.F (in a good way)
Yesterday, I went out with my DB girls; Jean, Leeyee & Rei. I thought it was just a normal dinner, the usual night out with them... but I was WRONG.

Effing WRONG D:

We went out for dinner at Sri Sinar at this chinese restaurant(forgot the name) about 8-ish. I was really hyper (along with Jean) while Leeyee & Rei were more on the mellow side. Leeyee apparently had a bad day and Rei had an arguement with her mom before meeting us. Everything was sorta down.. then right after dinner, Jean surprised me with a bday gift!!

Let me tell you... I WAS SHOCKED. I didnt expect anything from them because it's been like.. what? 2-3weeks since my bday?

Adding more to the shock I had, I was stunned when I opened the gift...

I couldn't believe my eyes. I literally was STUNNED for a while and hell, I was THIS close to breaking down into tears of happiness. O__O

Jean made me...


Beautiful, aren't they?
GD's 'heart' and his 'butterfly', CL♥

Infiknights; Skydragon till Infinity.

I can't believe she actually drew the logo and painted/colored it with toothpicks!
I dont even want to think how much time Jean spent on this.
For this much of detail... o_o She told me she spent 4days..!
Can't you feel the love, people?! XD


Jean will definitely be seeing me dancing in these shoes for sure.

I'm so IN LOVE with these shoes! WOOOOOTTT! XD

So yeah, after I got the shoes and they wished my happy (belated) bday, we went to DPC to hang out for a while before heading home. On our way to DPC, in the car, Leeyee & Rei were still pretty moody and truthfully, I was kinda sad at first. I mean, it's not everyday we get to meet up like this. Aren't they supposed to be more enthusiastic, excited or something?? But I decided to let it go because i understood their frustration.

When we did get to DPC, we sat in the car for a while. We started talking for a bit then suddenly things got very serious.. Jean was asking Rei about why she argued with her mom. Rei answered that her mom didnt allow her to go out of the house because she's been out too often. Leeyee sorta snapped and said "what's wrong with your mom? Why is she soo.. I mean, you dont go out THAT often. Does your mom have friends at all? Why wont she understand?? Ugh, whatever."

Rei just answered that she didn't know and that she was just mad at her mom for being so unreasonable. She also said that going out with friends just made her mom angry and all.

I dont know what happened to Leeyee but she suddenly said, "Sometimes, I think if friends are really worth it."

I was shocked to be hearing those words coming from her mouth. I mean, was she implying that WE weren't worth it? That WE weren't worth the trouble?

Rei, being the most sensitive to friendship, the person who values our friendship the most among us, SNAPPED. Omg, I've never seen her snap before. "WHAT?"

Leeyee, "I said, I sometimes think that whether friends are worth all this trouble. Worth all this fighting or arguement with family members."

Silence... tension...

Leeyee, "I didnt want to come out tonight actually. because i really had a bad day."

Rei, "Well, you didn't have to."

Me, "You could just stay home. We would understand... and-"

Leeyee, "I felt obliged to. Would you girls let me off if I said that I didnt want to come?"

Rei, "I had a bad day too okay? But at least I chose to come while you-"

Before Rei could finish, leeyee opened the car door and left. I was like O____O! I looked at Jean and she was shocked as I was at what just happened. I told Jean that I'll go after Leeyee while she stay in the car with Rei.

So I left the car and went after Leeyee. when i did, Leeyee was walking pretty fast down the pavement(DPC is a park btw) and she started telling me about her bad day. How she woke up early, REALLY early for Uni to find out that class was cancelled when she got there. Her bestfriend in Uni, Tasha was being a b*tch just because she told her to shut up during class (the lecturer was angry). I've never seen leeyee so angry in my life (we've been close for like.. almost 4years now). She was ranting to me about how Tasha ganged up with the rest of her friends and practically ignored for 2 whole days, formed a group of their own and leaving her out for this important assignment, after class, when she got to her car, there was a huge scratch on her car door which resulted into her getting scolded from her mom...

I felt sorry for her really. Comforted her a bit and when she cooled down, we decided to head back to the car to meet Jean and Rei again. Leeyee knew she was being a b*tch towards Rei tonight. So when we got back to the car, they werent there so I tried calling them.

They didnt pick up. And I thought it was weird because I tried both their numbers and both couldnt get through..

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, those two popped out from behind a huge van parked near by with a lighted bday cake and started singing Happy Birthday.

I was like.. O______O

I literally stoned with a hand holding the phone next to my ear. After a while when everything registered, I looked at Leeyee. She was smiling at me...! O__O

It was then it dawned me...


They all started laughing and Rei & Leeyee started shouting 'Mission Accomplished!' and were high-fiving each other. Jean, holding the cake, was laughing so hard while I.. was left speechless!

I then started swearing. 'Wat the *beep*, Wat the *beeeeeep*, Wat the *BEEEEEEEPPPPP*' (we were in an open carpark btw and lol, there were ppl looking.. HAHAHHA!)

Leeyee started saying that 3 of them could audition to be actresses. Which I think they would succeed btw. They were THAT convincing. O__O I had a ROLLERCOASTER ride of emotions that night.. OMG. Up till now as I'm typing this, more than 20hrs since it happened, I'm still SHOCKED. How can they be that convincing?! o__o

So yeah, I blew the cake and well, yeah. I admitted... I was punk'd. Pranked. ME, the PRANKER among us girls, was the one who got pranked in the end? WTF..? LOLOL! SERIOUSLY. ><

Leeyee and Rei were then very hyper and apparently, they've been holding all the hyperness since dinner for their act. GAHHHH! DAMNNNN. ><

Jean took some pictures and i think those are coming soon. UGH.


. . .

But overall, it was a great night.

I'm HAPPY, LUCKY and THANKFUL that I have such awesome friends♥

I wouldn't want anything more than this♥

I'm truly blessed. XDD

Thank you to Jean, Leeyee & Rei for the awesome night.

THANK YOU JEAN FOR THE AWESOME EFFORT FOR THE SHOES!! I know it must have taken a LOT of your time and energy and patience and OH SO MUCH LOVEE!!

I can feel SO MUCH love really♥ *sniff*


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